Two Canadians Communicate in a non Official Language

Two Canadians Communicate in a non Official Language

By David Smith October 12, 2009

Two Canadians in the army they endure;

Over to Germany for a four year tour.

One a Francophone; and German his second tongue;

The other was English who learned German for fun.

The common language, they converse so neat.

Because German was common so two Canadians could speak;

That is a joy for languages to learn;

People the value;

A going concern;

A common denominator; language so dear;

The joy to communicate is nothing to fear.

A German citizen laughed that day;

When two Canadians conversed that way.


Gravel Pits

Gravel Pits

By David Smith September 1, 2003

Gravel pits scattered over our land

Like acne on the face and hand

To fill in the quarries with shrubs and brush

And give the area a youthful blush

With craters and pot holes so vast and deep

Abandoned furniture rests and sleeps

We strip our forests for pleasure’s sake

Give back to nature the ground we rape

The instruction manual we must read

That is why our Lord did bleed

And see the change in climate over time

And blame the Creator why life does not rhyme

So here we sit and wonder why

Earthquakes and famines are passing by

We call the violent storms and waves

An act of God destroyed or caves

If we could see our role as heirs

That we’ve inherited and no one cares

And took our land the world around

And filled it with unhealthy sound

And did not follow the manual of life

And wonder why eternal strife

So read the laws for children to obey

And have a wonderful God fearing day

Passion to Shout

Passion to Shout

By David Smith Tuesday February 5, 2002

Courage is facing the fear I feel

The Wizard of Oz is very real

I’ve felt the taste of a woman’s love

The joy and appreciation the scripture from above

The excitement, the joy, the birth of my son

The death, the bereavement, of my loving mom

I’ve felt the chilling cold of silence spoken

And the agony and relief of a marriage broken

To learn from fear and not be defeated

The need and desire to take risks repeated

Courage to turn the fear inside out

That is the passion for me to shout

Photograph: Mirror Image Golf Course

Photograph: Mirror Image Golf Course

By David Smith April 17, 2008

The moment we’re committed the mirror image becomes clear.

Goals: the focus, where dreams become real.

Taste the success;

The pillars to achieve

Objectives and goals;

Contribute to the need.

And to sit back and think of how things were;

Adrenaline to get moving and passion to stir.

Our faith is ignited and passion sets sail;

Success is inevitable when nothing will fail.

Eyeing the golf course

The mirror image is sharp

Achievement is pure like the notes on a harp.

You Are the Treasure

You are the Treasure

By David Smith July 23, 2008

“Why spend money to feel bad

When a person can feel good for nothing?”

Liquid laughs, and pills for pleasure

Natural highs and lows are life’s treasure.

To fall in love,

The full impact of the ride;

The roller coaster is over

From oft cloud nine we abide.

So take the emotion;

Let it hit in tune;

O what joy to live and let fume.

Then to calm down at a natural pace;

Life in its splendour;

No expense to face.

Experience the pain and the pathway of pleasure.

Why spend money to feel bad?

You are the treasure!

Minority Group Feeling

Minority Group Feeling

By David Smith, Monday April 23, 2001

Went to a Toastmasters Conference at the Delta Hotel.

While in Toronto went to Wal-Mart and a story to tell

Wal-Mart was busy like Christmas in Welland

Seeing a massive population did not feel like heaven.

It felt strange to be in a real ditty

To know I was a minority group in this Meg a city.

To see by the colour of my skin

By virtue of reality I felt I did not fit in.

The masses of people forced me to shrink

I want to build love and esteem with pen and with ink.

How can I love when I am insecure?

To believe that my principles may not endure.

To see different races in every face

It is hard to show love in every place.

We were created to love our neighbour.

To focus on Christ with all of our labour.

This is real test for Jesus and me.

To accept my neighbour will all integrity.

I’m faced with new trials and tribulations every day.

To be ever changing with Jesus to stay.

Terry Fox Inspiration

Terry Fox CoinTerry Fox Inspiration

By David Smith March 14, 2005


The Terry Fox coin will be unveiled today

A new design on the Lonnie they say

Think back to Terry, eaten by cancer, he was

His walk across Canada with determination and shove

All others took over to fulfill his dream

The Terry Fox Run every year we have seen

It’s our valuable gifts. It’s determination and drive

To pick up our socks and come alive

So whether we are crippled or aged or so young

A handicap’s the excuse why our lives are unsung

Let’s find our talents, some hidden so deep

Through trials and tribulations the victory we seek

Thanks be to Terry Fox who over came gigantic odds

It’s inspiration for others; our weakness lets applaud